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Monday Munchies – Paco’s Tacos, Melbourne

On our first day exploring this fabulous city, we knew we would need to plan food stops along the way. Both to keep up our energy levels and to slowly work our way through the massive list of places that we have been recommended to eat.

Since we are fiends for casual, easy and mexican food, Paco’s Tacos was at the top of the list of places to try.

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Monday Munchies – Stefano’s, Mildura


Mildura has a large population of Italian migrants, and you know what that means… Fabulous food! On my quest to find a morning coffee that was up to my ‘snob-ish’ standards, a quick google search told me that Stefano’s was a must-eat while I was on my rural placement.

My limited student budget unfortunately didn’t allow me to try dinner at the award-winning restaurant, but thankfully, Stefano’s have a café / bakery on an adjacent street, which quickly became my place for a morning cappuccino.

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Monday Munchies – Chocolate Buddha, Melbourne

At the suggestion of dumplings and ramen in the city, I pushed aside the tell-tale signs of the beginning of a flu, too excited to try another version of my new found obsession.

On the last night in Melbourne before I was to head to Mildura, some family gathered and we jumped on the train into Fed Square.  You would think that at such a tourist-y spot the food would be overpriced and awful, but actually, Chocolate Buddha was neither of the two.

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Graffiti Lane in Melbourne

Wandering around Melbourne after dinner with my family, we came across a lane-way notorious for being covered in street art.  There were some pretty amazing pieces obviously completed by very talented people.

It very much reminded me of our visits to Waterloo tunnel in London, where it is practically accepted that there will be fresh graff every day.

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Welcome to Mildura

Of all the things that I have planned for my summer holidays, I have been very excited for my 2 week rural placement in Mildura.


I have grown up on the Gold Coast and since then have been a city girl, loving, living and visiting cities in Australia and across the world. Aside from one brief visit to Roma for the races, I have barely been west from Brisbane, so I might seem like an unlikely candidate for a rural scholarship.

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