Coffee adventures – Blackboard, Varsity Lakes

We recently revisited our new local cafe, Blackboard, and to be honest I can’t believe we left it so long.

Blackboard is in the heart of varsity lakes, right next to Bond University, in a cute little area full of restaurants and shops.


It is a bit of an odd setting for such a cool little place… But I’m not complaining as it is probably the closest place to our house to get a good coffee (aside from the coffee made in our kitchen of course!).

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Raw Lemon Berry ‘Cheesecake’

I have eaten my fair share of vegan cheesecake at restaurants and made by a wonderful friend who has trained as a raw vegan chef, but only recently attempted to make my own.  Why it has taken me so long to make an attempt, I have no idea, but I’m so glad that I did!


After a massive Google search for recipes, I came across a fabulous blog called Sweetly Raw that is filled with stacks of recipes for raw cheesecake and other desserts in any variety you can think of. I had great success following her recipe for raw chocolate cheesecake and wanted to try another variety, so loosely followed her recipe for a lemon berry swirl cheesecake, but tweaked it a little to give it a chocolate crust.

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Cauliflower ‘rice’

Recently we have made a pretty significant change to the way we have been eating. After reading The 4-Hour Body I had a realisation that as vegetarians we tend to rely on carbs for a majority of our meals. Though a lot of the time I tend to replace processed carbs with whole grains, the ‘slow carb diet’ takes you away from grains altogether, leaving us to rely more on fresh vegetables and legumes for a large portion of our meals.

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Fizzle Out is back in action


After a long blogging hiatus I am finally returning to my little space… I have spent a bit of time evaluating what exactly it is that I want to share on here and what it is that I want to achieve, and really it comes down to my love of taking photos and story telling.  Despite the fact that i don’t have a goal or outcome in mind, and don’t exactly have mountains of spare time, I will continue to share whatever comes to mind on this blog, let the ideas flow, and use it as a creative outlet – so important now that medicine has started to take over my life.

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Blow Dry Bar, Broadbeach

My hair can be difficult to manage. Though on a normal day I am happy to let it get wild and curly, sometimes for a special occasion it is nice to feel more polished and ‘done up’.

Despite my best efforts, every time I try to do my hair it is such a battle, so when I received an email asking if I would like to try out the newly opened Blow Dry Bar, I jumped at the opportunity to avoid some frustration, booking in to prepare for a night out with the girls.

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