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Your Darling Blog Design Workshop


Self improvement seems to be a common theme that has been brought up on many of the blogs I read, and it has had me thinking – which, if any, area of my life do I enjoy and have some basic skills that could use improving?

For a while now I have wanted to have the ability to design a beautiful blog, and make tweaks to pretty up my existing one, so the course being run by August Empress caught my eye. It was just last week that I was on the site checking out what was included and wondering how I could fit it into my student budget.

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Bloggers Breakfast with The Village Markets

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of sharing a breakfast date at Commune with some of the loveliest and most talented Gold Coast bloggers, followed by a spot of shopping at The Village Markets.  

Marissa surrounded by pretty flowers

Liss & Ally

Though we tend to stay in touch via facebook/instagram/twitter/email, it has been some time since our last meet up – so it was fabulous spending a morning catching up with some online friends in real life.

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Garnier Take Care Blog

For me, Fizzle Out has always been a personal passion. A place to share photos, file away recipes, document my life and challenge myself – both in a creative sense as well as in writing. I often struggle to find the right words to express myself, both in written and spoken language, so in the theory that ‘practice makes perfect’ it targets an ongoing goal of self-improvement.

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January Photo a Day Challenge

When I came across Fat Mum Slim’s January ‘Photo a Day’ Challenge, I thought it would be a fun little thing to participate in and a really good way to get in the habit of taking more photos with my phone.  Though I usually have my dSLR on me, it is a nice reminder that I am constantly carrying a camera in my phone and it is so great to have a little collection of photos from the month gone by.

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Brisbane and Gold Coast Blogger Meet Up

Last week I had the pleasure of heading along to Stingray to meet up with some lovely Gold Coast and Brisbane based bloggers.

Organised by the lovely Rach and Jas & Claire, the meet up was an opportunity to catch up with some local ladies, put faces to names and finally meet some ‘internet friends’ in real life.  I promise, it was no where near as nerdy as it sounds!

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Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012

Despite a few rough times, including losing a grandmother each, having our entire city flooded and finding out that my little brother was mugged at gunpoint,  2011 really has been a fabulous year!

The year started off with us settling back in to the Gold Coast for our first year of Med School, and though it was a constant battle between beach and study, we found balance and started to appreciate living in such a beautiful place.  With the support of our wonderful families, understanding friends, and each other, we got through the year unscathed and both excelled academically, rounding out the year with rural placements where we were thrown in the deep end and learned more than we ever expected.

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