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Teneriffe Winter festival

It was a couple of weekends ago now, but our visit to Brisbane (on the day of Finders Keeper Markets) also happened to coincide with the Teneriffe Winter festival.

As Kris had an early morning breakfast date, I went for a wander around Teneriffe while they were setting up for the day, snapping some photos of the beautiful area and the beginning of all the excitement.

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Secret Squirrel at GOMA

So I know I promised ages ago to share some of the prizes I have been lucky enough to win in the past few weeks, but with the incessant rain in Brisbane, any chance at a photo shoot has been continually delayed, until we decided that it might just continue raining forever so we should find somewhere under shelter to snap a few pics.

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Rainy Rummage

I have already said it at least 100 times this week, but I CANNOT believe it is still raining!  Every time it looks like it might be stopping and a bit of blue sky peeks through, I get excited about seeing some sunshine, but then it rains… again… and it is predicted to continue right up until Christmas. *EDIT: after typing this last night, I woke up to sunshine this morning!  Yipee!*

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Frockshop x Grazia event

Last night I received an email from the wonderful Jessy at Frockshop.com, inviting me and all of you lovely friends and readers, to the Grazia Uplate event to be held in the Frockshop boutique, in James St, Brisbane.

If 25% off everything in store is not enough of an incentive, guests will also mingle with Camilla Freeman-Topper (of Camilla & Marc) over champagne and have the chance to win an autographed copy of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s book, Influence. There will also be limited edition prints by Kelly Smith for sale (but you better be quick, I am in love with her illustrations and might snap them up before you get there!), and she has designed a limited edition calico bag to be given away as a gift with purchase.

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