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Byron Day Trip – Photo Diary

The blue skies and sunny days of winter have been phenomenal.  With beautiful weather on our mind, a couple weeks ago we woke up feeling like an adventure, so we jumped in the car and headed down to Byron for a day full of market shopping, sunshine and good food.

Byron Bay never disappoints, and market day brings out the hippy in everyone, with the smell of incense, DIY tie-dye, dream catchers and fisherman pants for as far as the eye can see.

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Coffee Adventures – The Food Store, Surfers Paradise

When we finally finished our exams last week, we decided to head out and treat ourselves to a new coffee place – especially since it has been a while since our last coffee adventure.

The Food Store is a place we have been meaning to try out for a while now, as it came highly recommended from our ‘coffee bean dealer’, Carlo – and he is a man who knows his coffee!

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Coffee Adventures: Elk Espresso, Broadbeach

With the miserable weather we had last weekend, our plans for an outdoor celebration for a friend’s birthday were cancelled, but we were delighted to be invited to brunch at Elk instead. Elk espresso, in Broadbeach, has long been one of our favourite cafes on the Gold Coast.

Within a stones throw of the beach and outside of the craziness of the main strip, Elk is a favourite with the locals. Great coffee, fabulous food and above all an inviting atmosphere make Elk a place we will keep coming back to.

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Coffee Adventures: Market Lane, Melbourne

Though our stay in Melbourne was only quick, one thing we had plenty of time for was coffee. From our hotel, it was only a short stroll through Prahran market to a place we discovered on our last visit – Market Lane.

Market lane really is a place for coffee lovers, as well as the standard espressos, cappuccinos and lattes, they specialise in single origins and filter coffee – perfect for people who want to try something a little different.

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Coffee adventures: Black Coffee Lyrics

This week’s coffee adventure took us back to an old favourite, Black Coffee Lyrics.

Generally, we try to stay away from Surfers Paradise.

If you have ever been to the Gold Coast you will understand why: it is busy, full of tourists and extremely tacky; complete with backpackers touting pub crawls, underdressed metermaids and its fair share of riff-raff.  To make a bad situation worse, you can never find a carpark nearby.

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Coffee Adventures: Barefoot Barista

For our second ‘Coffee Adventure’ we decided to venture to the opposite end of the coast to a place we have been meaning to visit for ages,  Barefoot Barista.

On a side st in Palmy, Barefoot is a favourite of the locals. Having heard of the fantastic coffee and of course being impressed that they use Campos beans, we thought it would be a great place for a weekend breakfast date, so headed down early to try it out.

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