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Finders Keepers Markets

I was so happy to discover that our visit to Brisbane was coinciding with the Finders Keepers markets.  Held in the Old Museum, it was a wonderful setting and perfect day to discover talented artists and designers, while catching up with some blogging friends.

The wonderful Liss was busy manning the pretty stall for her online store: Stylemilk.  We managed to squeeze in a quick chat and a couple of pics before the stall was overrun by customers.

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DIY: studded bows

I know it sounds strange, but I normally do my best crafting while watching TV, or multitasking so that I am not paying 100% attention.  I suppose it helps to stop me from over-thinking it too much and to just trust my instincts and not to worry if something isn’t perfect.

On the weekend the boy and I were scouring art shops to get the right supplies for his recent project.  I have been looking out for cute paper fasteners (they are actually called ‘brads’ and are normally in the scrapbooking aisle) for ages, so when I saw these I didn’t mind that they were a little expensive (about $5/pack).  I’m pretty sure you could find them cheaper at officeworks or online but I got caught up in the moment in a fancy art store.

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