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Up-cycled Strawberry Planter

Ever since my first strawberry, my little strawberry plants have been going crazy in a tiny pot, begging to be replanted.

Finally when holidays came, I had time for a little project that has been waiting to be done for ages, fixing up an old wooden box that I found on junk day – which is the perfect size for a strawberry patch.

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DIY: Affordable Art

Anyone who is on a budget will know that finding art to decorate your home can get expensive.  Of course, these days you can buy affordable art on etsy, but framing can be very pricey.

When we went to the Henri Cartier-Bresson exhibition in Brisbane we were so inspired by his work,  it made me want to go out and buy a vintage camera and black and white film in an attempt to recreate the stunning and emotive pictures that he captured.

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Crossing things off ‘the list': numbers 2, 13 & 24

If you haven’t noticed, there is a list in my right sidebar of 28 things that I want to do before my next birthday (I am still in disbelief that I will be turning 27).  With 4 months down, I haven’t made too much progress – but over the holidays we completed a couple of projects that definitely qualify.

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Revamp project: part I

I have been on the hunt for a piece of furniture for our room, as a revamp project and somewhere to keep my things so that I stop standing on my sunnies.  At the $2 Vinnies clothes sale, of course I had a browse around the furniture section and this dressing table caught my eye.

I thought it would be the perfect project for my Easter uni holidays, but funnily enough, I only started sanding yesterday, the day before we return to classes.

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Flower Power

Those of you who read Kris’s blog will know how excited he is about his new photography related lighting purchases.  Of course we wanted to try them out in a little photo shoot, so rather than go outside and freeze, we decided to set up in our miniature lounge room.

If you can’t tell by the baggy singlet, I was totally underdressed (and yes… I did have pyjama pants on), so decided to brighten my look up a little with a new little headpiece I made up the other night.

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Outrageous Oldies

This year, both Kris and our housemate Toby decided that they are getting old (pffftttt, 23 and 26), so to celebrate we had a little shin-dig/fancy dress/old person party.

It was nothing huge but an excellent excuse to get dressed up, so Kris and I scoured op shops for the best ‘old person kit’ we could find. We managed to find some hilarious/amazing stuff including: a floral teacup and saucer, a hideously ugly jumper, a fluffy granny jumper, the ugliest tie ever made (paisley and flower pots), and a seriously cool tweed jacket.

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