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Since I am such a dreamer, I have loved reading about the dreams of some of my favourite bloggers. The lovely Ally from Unknown Pleasures tagged me to take part in Sportsgirl’s Believe, so if you are interested, I have shared some of my dreams with you below.

Q: As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
A: Mum and Dad tell me that when asked this question I said… ‘I want to be a grown up’. Since that was inevitable, I changed my mind quite often with what I really wanted to do – I eventually had my mind set on palaeontology as I loved dinosaurs, then I moved onto wanting to be a vet since I love animals. I came to the realisation that a vet had to see sick animals, so by high school I was thinking that zoology or marine biology would be ideal. That was until a teacher burst my bubble telling me how few jobs there were in all of those fields, and I settled on a career in science.

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Un Pour Moi, Un Pour Toi

I know I talk quite a bit about my amazing friends and their latest projects, but I feel so blessed to be surrounded by such talented and inspiring people and really love sharing with my readers, especially when they are involved in something that you may also be interested in.

When I first met Jessy I was not only amazed by her impeccable sense of style, but also inspired by her creativity and passion for each and every thing that was discussed.  All of that was on top of her being such a fun and like-able person that I felt like I clicked with instantly.

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Op Shop Friday

Last Friday at uni was Op Shop day – where everyone found an item in the local op shops and money was raised to go back to local charities.

My biggest challenge was which of my many op shop outfits to wear on the day, and also – how crazy I should go to make sure I didn’t just look how I do every other day.  I took it upon myself to give some of the girls an ‘op shop lesson’ and took them around to a few of my favourites in Southport, teaching them how I go about finding so many amazing pieces.

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Sun Salutation

Now that winter has finally set in on the Gold Coast and the days have become gloomy and miserable, looking back on these photos (that are only a couple of weeks old) make me dream of sunshine falling on my face and finding a spot to shelter in the shade.  I am feeling a little overwhelmed by study so can only reminisce about lazy days spent exploring the area surrounding our new home.

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