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Ricotta Hotcakes with Orange and Passionfruit Syrup

After my last attempt at pancakes were nothing too amazing, I realised that I had bookmarked Donna Hay’s ricotta hotcakes, knowing that was a recipe I had to try.  Ricotta is such a versatile cheese, and although I love it in a pasta dish, it is just as good (if not better) in pancakes.

I bought my ricotta from the deli section of the grocery store, rather than buying it in a tub as I usually do, and it looked better and worked out cheaper!  I still would absolutely love to make my own ricotta, but I may leave that as a project for the holidays. I decided to try to recreate the pancakes I had at Harvest cafe…. they had this amazing passionfruit and orange syrup and stewed rhubarb.  I didn’t have any rhubarb and couldn’t find a recipe anywhere online for a passionfruit and orange syrup so I just made it up and it actually worked perfectly.  I can imagine this syrup on so many things, or even in a cocktail, but it was spectacular atop these pancakes.

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Strawberry Summer Cake

When the calendar clicked over to September, the days immediately became spring like and the sunshine came out to play.  But then, suddenly, yesterday there were gale force icy winds that felt like winter.  Thankfully I picked up a massive pile of strawberries ($1 a punnet, I got 6!) to brighten up the day.

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Junk Day

Ok… I will admit it… I am actually a hoarder.  I love and am addicted to bargains and second hand furniture, and cannot stop buying things from op shops.  So much so that I have had a break from op shopping recently just to curb the buying habit!

So to say I was a little excited when we got a flyer in the post about junk day was a bit of an understatement.  I cannot believe some of the things people put out in the street to be dumped as landfill, particularly when our local op shops would love some of these items.

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