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Monday Munchies – Summer Fruit

It is finally starting to feel like summer.  Hot days, beach swims, ice cream, and long days spent doing nothing.  One of the best things about the start of summer is the first mango of the season.

It almost makes it more special that they aren’t available all year round, it is during the summer months that you eat so many mangoes you almost make yourself sick, and just before you tire of them they are gone again, until next summer.

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Breakfast: Fruit Platter with Natural Yoghurt



Some mornings, even in the heart of winter, a fruit platter with yoghurt can be the best breakfast in the world.  I am so excited that it is finally strawberry season and they are now beautifully sweet, without breaking the bank!

Though it may take a little longer, there is something just so fabulous about eating a wonderfully presented breakfast from a tray.  It makes me feel like I am on holiday or being waited on, despite making it for myself.

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The First Strawberry

I get far too excited over little things, particularly when those little things relate to something that I have grown in the garden.

Though I bought a strawberry plant when I set up my herb garden a few months back, there had been very little action in the way of flowers or fruit until recently when out of nowhere a single strawberry appeared.  Since I noticed it I have been waiting patiently with my eye on the little bugger, hoping that it wouldn’t be spotted by a possum or some type of insect.

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