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Up-cycled Strawberry Planter

Ever since my first strawberry, my little strawberry plants have been going crazy in a tiny pot, begging to be replanted.

Finally when holidays came, I had time for a little project that has been waiting to be done for ages, fixing up an old wooden box that I found on junk day – which is the perfect size for a strawberry patch.

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Herb Garden Makeover


My little potted herb garden has been slowly expanding, making more and more of our outdoor area cluttered and un-usable.  With the weather warming up, I have been looking forward to making the most of our garden and outdoor setting, and thinking about how I could make it more appealing, as we really have neglected it a bit.

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The First Strawberry

I get far too excited over little things, particularly when those little things relate to something that I have grown in the garden.

Though I bought a strawberry plant when I set up my herb garden a few months back, there had been very little action in the way of flowers or fruit until recently when out of nowhere a single strawberry appeared.  Since I noticed it I have been waiting patiently with my eye on the little bugger, hoping that it wouldn’t be spotted by a possum or some type of insect.

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Getting into Gardening

I often express how much I love great food and fresh produce, yet other than a few herbs and cherry tomatoes I have never really attempted to grow it myself. A flourishing veggie garden exists in the yard of my ‘fantasy’ home, and I hope that one day I can look outside my kitchen window and be inspired by the harvest about to take place.

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