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Veggie Fritter Recipe Collection

To try to avoid getting into a cooking rut I have been trying out a whole bunch of recipes for veggie fritters. Call them what you like, pancakes, patties or burgers, the premise is the same. Some type of vegetable mixed with eggs, herbs and dry ingredients – fried in a pan or baked in the oven and served alongside a massive salad or veggie side dish

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Monday Munchies – Banana Pancakes

How good does it feel when you discover a recipe that is not only delicious, but also super healthy? If you aren’t familiar with the feeling then you need to get over to My New Roots and start browsing Sarah’s recipe collection.

Without fail, every time I am searching for a guilt free treat, I can find what I am after on My New Roots.  These banana pancakes are both vegan and gluten free and full of healthy protein and fats from nuts. I altered the original recipe to suit what I had in my pantry, substituting the walnuts for a combination of brazil nuts and pecans.  The first time I made these I didn’t have any nut milk on hand, and was feeling a little lazy so I used regular milk with great results, but I felt so much better the second time when I made the effort to make them with nut milk so that they were vegan.

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Monday Munchies – Healthy Banana Bread

As much as we try to convince ourselves that banana bread ‘must be healthy because it has fruit in it’, unfortunately that is often not the case – as well as banana, those delicious slices are also packed full of white flour, refined sugar and butter.

After Ally tweeted a photo of her perfectly browned banana bread, I saw a ripe banana taunting me and remembered a recipe I bookmarked a while ago from Honest Fare.  The original recipe is gluten free and dairy free but did contain white sugar, so I substituted that for honey and added some extra nuts to create the ideal ‘healthy option’ for me.

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Chocolate Puddle Cookies

Procrastinating from study last week, I knew the perfect thing to waste some time and still be satisfying would be to bake some cookies.  I had bookmarked this recipe on one of my favourite cooking blogs, 101cookbooks, after seeing it recreated by Natashia from Food on Paper.

I have been looking for a recipe for meringue cookies filled with nuts for so long, and though the delicious ones I originally ate weren’t chocolate, I knew that these would be amazing just from looking at the recipe.  I didn’t realise exactly the quantity that would be produced from the batter, so ended up taking a majority of the batch to uni to share around with all the stressed out first year students!  Sugar overload!

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