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Graffiti Lane in Melbourne

Wandering around Melbourne after dinner with my family, we came across a lane-way notorious for being covered in street art.  There were some pretty amazing pieces obviously completed by very talented people.

It very much reminded me of our visits to Waterloo tunnel in London, where it is practically accepted that there will be fresh graff every day.

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Click Click

We are back to reality after a fabulous long weekend away, and although I am glad to be back in my own bed, I kinda wish I could run away and live in a B&B in Byron forever.

Still feeling exhausted after an early wakeup call for sunrise photos yesterday, but it was well worth it so I can’t wait to go through and edit my photos.

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More hunting the streets

We went to Woolloongabba for lunch and to hit some antique stores when we came across more art by Shida.

Everytime I walk the streets I feel like I am a constant treasure hunt for his work and that of other talented artists.  I feel like I miss out on so much when we are in the car.

So interesting to see the difference in style between his paste-ups and things that have been free drawn.

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The joys of biking

On Saturday morning we had a leisurely bike ride to the West End markets for a coffee and to look around the community garden.  It is such a great space full of herbs and veggies, and I plan to be there on Saturday mornings whenever I can get the chance.

One of the greatest things about riding bikes is that you discover little things that would otherwise go unnoticed, fuelling my love for searching out graffiti.

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