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Asian style cucumber and tomato salad

I have just arrived home from visiting family and friends in Melbourne, and while I had such a fantastic time, it really is good to be home. One of my favourite things about Melbourne is the fabulous food I get to eat while down there, and sharing meals with people I haven’t seen in a while. Luckily, my family are foodies too, so I get taken to the BEST places all across the city.

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Carrot and Ginger Asian Style Salad Dressing

Have you ever eaten the delicious little salad that you sometimes get at sushi with the bright orange dressing?  I always wondered how they made it and turned a simple lettuce salad into something so delicious.

Wonder no longer, as I came across a recipe that will satisfy the cravings for that carrot ginger dressing, and may become a new favourite both for its flavour and for the fact that it is one of the healthiest dressings I have come across.

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Breakfast – Morning Porridge

With the season changing and the mornings becoming crisp and chilly, there is nothing quite as warming and satisfying as a bowl of porridge. Aside from the nutritional benefits of rolled oats and the lack of added nasties like in highly processed cereals, oats really are one of the cheapest breakfast options around. With the addition of some fruit and yoghurt, the taste certainly doesn’t reflect the frugal price.

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Monday Munchies – Muesli & Berry Yoghurt Cups

Making a crowd-pleasing reasonably healthy breakfast/morning tea for our colleagues has been one of our cooking challenges this year, but we figured that something easy to eat and individually portioned usually works best to ensure we have taken enough food without any excessive waste.

Kris decided that for his group he would make a muesli, yoghurt and berry ‘parfait’, layering home toasted muesli (that he made himself), greek yoghurt with passionfruit and mixed berries (thawed from frozen).  Any kind of fruit would work perfectly and you could even use store bought muesli to make life easier.

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Monday Munchies – Rainbow Fruit Skewers

While thinking of healthy breakfast time snacks to feed my colleagues during a long tutorial, I couldn’t go past rainbow fruit skewers as a fun and easy way to present a fruit salad.

After pinning a couple of different versions to my ‘food food food’ board on pinterest, and a friend seeing the idea and bringing them to a picnic, I finally decided to make my own version.

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Monday Munchies – Healthy Banana Bread

As much as we try to convince ourselves that banana bread ‘must be healthy because it has fruit in it’, unfortunately that is often not the case – as well as banana, those delicious slices are also packed full of white flour, refined sugar and butter.

After Ally tweeted a photo of her perfectly browned banana bread, I saw a ripe banana taunting me and remembered a recipe I bookmarked a while ago from Honest Fare.  The original recipe is gluten free and dairy free but did contain white sugar, so I substituted that for honey and added some extra nuts to create the ideal ‘healthy option’ for me.

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