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Monday Munchies – Veggie Tikka Masala with Naan

One of the most challenging things to cook, I think, is an authentic tasting Indian curry.  Having never been to India, I have no idea if what I think is authentic actually is authentic, but I know that I have tried many times to replicate the flavours of our local Indian takeaway, failing every time.

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Slow cooked delights

After a couple months of waiting, our ‘free’ slowcooker finally arrived. The initial excitement quickly subsided when I realised that I have no idea what vegetarians would cook in the thing. A quick google told me that some kind of Indian curry could be my best bet.

I am always apprehensive about cooking Indian food as I just can’t seem to come anywhere near the delicious flavours of our local takeaway (and they are so cheap). I am yet to befriend an Indian chef and ask for all their secrets, so went the cheating route and used a store bought simmer sauce. My vegetarian curry was a great success, despite the overcooked pumpkin, so much so that I decided the Indian feast should continue on to last night.

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