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Welcome to Mildura

Of all the things that I have planned for my summer holidays, I have been very excited for my 2 week rural placement in Mildura.


I have grown up on the Gold Coast and since then have been a city girl, loving, living and visiting cities in Australia and across the world. Aside from one brief visit to Roma for the races, I have barely been west from Brisbane, so I might seem like an unlikely candidate for a rural scholarship.

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High in the Sky

Despite the cold and gloomy weather putting a dampener on our weekend, I have been flying high for the past few days on the news that Kris and I have both been accepted into Medical School, starting in 2011.  Of course facebook friends and twitter followers would know this already, but life has just been so hectic that blogging was the last thing on my mind.

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panic stations

Upon the sudden realisation that applications for med school are actually due THIS FRIDAY, the boy and I have spun into a frenzy of organisation, visiting numerous websites for guidelines, the student centre for academic transcripts and the post office for A4 registered express envelopes, all the while damning ourselves for not having this organised earlier. The man in the post office assured us that we aren’t the only ones, saying ‘doctors sure are smart but they aren’t the most organised people’.

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