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Coffee Adventures: Market Lane, Melbourne

Though our stay in Melbourne was only quick, one thing we had plenty of time for was coffee. From our hotel, it was only a short stroll through Prahran market to a place we discovered on our last visit – Market Lane.

Market lane really is a place for coffee lovers, as well as the standard espressos, cappuccinos and lattes, they specialise in single origins and filter coffee – perfect for people who want to try something a little different.

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Garnier Take Care Ambassadors

As I mentioned in my last post, this past week has been a whirlwind. This time last week we were on a plane, flying down to Melbourne for 2 nights, for the start of the Garnier Ambassador program.

Since our return, life has been pretty hectic with a couple of massive unexpected curve balls, but we are thinking positively and trusting that everything will work out, as it always tends to do!

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Historical Melbourne

Aside from the food, and the fact that my wonderful extended family lives here – one of the greatest things about Melbourne are the old buildings.  It is such a contrast to Brisbane and the Gold Coast, both of which have very little in the way of history.

It is so easy to walk past and miss some amazing buildings that are used for shops on ground floor, so I have been doing the typical tourist thing and looking up while walking.

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Monday Munchies – Chocolate Buddha, Melbourne

At the suggestion of dumplings and ramen in the city, I pushed aside the tell-tale signs of the beginning of a flu, too excited to try another version of my new found obsession.

On the last night in Melbourne before I was to head to Mildura, some family gathered and we jumped on the train into Fed Square.  You would think that at such a tourist-y spot the food would be overpriced and awful, but actually, Chocolate Buddha was neither of the two.

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Graffiti Lane in Melbourne

Wandering around Melbourne after dinner with my family, we came across a lane-way notorious for being covered in street art.  There were some pretty amazing pieces obviously completed by very talented people.

It very much reminded me of our visits to Waterloo tunnel in London, where it is practically accepted that there will be fresh graff every day.

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