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Monday Munchies – Drinking Coconut

Sorry, yet again Monday Munchies has been a little delayed due to a chaotic weekend in Melbourne.  Will post about what I was up to sometime this week.

Do you ever start thinking about something and then suddenly you see it and come across it everywhere you look?

Recently I have been thinking a lot about the health benefits of a raw vegan diet, and suddenly I have found it mentioned on blogs, came across documentaries about it, met inspiring people who eat mostly raw and have been eaten and tried out a few raw ‘cooking’ techniques.

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Monday Munchies – Rainbow Fruit Skewers

While thinking of healthy breakfast time snacks to feed my colleagues during a long tutorial, I couldn’t go past rainbow fruit skewers as a fun and easy way to present a fruit salad.

After pinning a couple of different versions to my ‘food food food’ board on pinterest, and a friend seeing the idea and bringing them to a picnic, I finally decided to make my own version.

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Monday Munchies (on a Tuesday) – Morning Routine

Ok, I’m just going to come out and say it…

I’m Jasmine and I’m a coffee addict.

Since we purchased our coffee machine set-up, there has barely been a day when I leave the house without having a coffee.  I know that there are many people who can’t handle the taste of coffee, but this has never been a problem for me, in fact – as much as I enjoy the effect of caffeine, I also enjoy the taste.

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Monday Munchies – Meal Planning

This week on Monday Munchies I don’t have a recipe to share, but rather I want o discuss how meal planning has changed the way we eat and shop.

Living off little to no income is a difficult feat, particularly while trying to do what is best for your body and general health and wellbeing.  It seems to me that the most common challenge with my uni colleagues is how to eat healthy and nutritious food without spending an absolute fortune.

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Monday Munchies – Sweet Potato Felafel

Monday Munchies is a day late this week, sorry. I blame holidays. It is just so hard to keep track of what day it is when our only responsibilities are relaxing!

Don’t get too jealous though, this time next week we will be back in the lecture theatre starting our 2nd year of uni, so at the moment we are making the most of our last days of freedom by putting in some serious hours on the couch.

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Monday Munchies – A lighter Potato Salad

Every family has their own recipe for potato salad, but more often than not they are packed full of mayo – really defeating the purpose of eating a salad at all.

Since I am a huge fan of potato salad, I set about altering the old favourite to have a dressing that includes natural yoghurt, rather than just mayonnaise.

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