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Monday Munchies – Banana Pancakes

How good does it feel when you discover a recipe that is not only delicious, but also super healthy? If you aren’t familiar with the feeling then you need to get over to My New Roots and start browsing Sarah’s recipe collection.

Without fail, every time I am searching for a guilt free treat, I can find what I am after on My New Roots.  These banana pancakes are both vegan and gluten free and full of healthy protein and fats from nuts. I altered the original recipe to suit what I had in my pantry, substituting the walnuts for a combination of brazil nuts and pecans.  The first time I made these I didn’t have any nut milk on hand, and was feeling a little lazy so I used regular milk with great results, but I felt so much better the second time when I made the effort to make them with nut milk so that they were vegan.

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Breakfast: Pancake Stack

Nothing says holidays quite like a big stack of pancakes.  The perfect slow morning breakfast that we only make when we have absolutely nothing else on.  A stack of pancakes really is an amazing way to start a lazy day.

Add in home-made coffees and an array of toppings (raspberries, stewed apples, cinnamon sugar, greek yoghurt and real maple syrup) and it really is a decadent breakfast.

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