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Junk Day

Ok… I will admit it… I am actually a hoarder.  I love and am addicted to bargains and second hand furniture, and cannot stop buying things from op shops.  So much so that I have had a break from op shopping recently just to curb the buying habit!

So to say I was a little excited when we got a flyer in the post about junk day was a bit of an understatement.  I cannot believe some of the things people put out in the street to be dumped as landfill, particularly when our local op shops would love some of these items.

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Op Shop Friday

Last Friday at uni was Op Shop day – where everyone found an item in the local op shops and money was raised to go back to local charities.

My biggest challenge was which of my many op shop outfits to wear on the day, and also – how crazy I should go to make sure I didn’t just look how I do every other day.  I took it upon myself to give some of the girls an ‘op shop lesson’ and took them around to a few of my favourites in Southport, teaching them how I go about finding so many amazing pieces.

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