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Molten Store No Years Competition

I have posted before about the talented Jessy, the brains and beauty behind Molten Store.  If you haven’t had the chance to check it out yet, Molten Store was launched earlier this year and stands out in the online market place for its perfectly curated collection of jewellery, bags and curiosities, being the ideal location for a gift for the friend who has everything (or of course to pick up something a little special for yourself).

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Op Shop Friday

Last Friday at uni was Op Shop day – where everyone found an item in the local op shops and money was raised to go back to local charities.

My biggest challenge was which of my many op shop outfits to wear on the day, and also – how crazy I should go to make sure I didn’t just look how I do every other day.  I took it upon myself to give some of the girls an ‘op shop lesson’ and took them around to a few of my favourites in Southport, teaching them how I go about finding so many amazing pieces.

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Finders Keepers Markets

I was so happy to discover that our visit to Brisbane was coinciding with the Finders Keepers markets.  Held in the Old Museum, it was a wonderful setting and perfect day to discover talented artists and designers, while catching up with some blogging friends.

The wonderful Liss was busy manning the pretty stall for her online store: Stylemilk.  We managed to squeeze in a quick chat and a couple of pics before the stall was overrun by customers.

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Rainy Rummage

I have already said it at least 100 times this week, but I CANNOT believe it is still raining!  Every time it looks like it might be stopping and a bit of blue sky peeks through, I get excited about seeing some sunshine, but then it rains… again… and it is predicted to continue right up until Christmas. *EDIT: after typing this last night, I woke up to sunshine this morning!  Yipee!*

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Japanese Kimono

While browsing vintage stores and op shops I have had my eye out for a kimono. Inspirational bloggers, including 5 inch and up and Late afternoon have spurred this desire, gracing their blogs in their beautiful vintage silk kimonos.

At the Byron Bay markets I had other items on my wish list, that is, until I came across a stall with a rack full of cotton kimonos, sourced from Japan.  Although they are more casual than their silk counterparts, for $20 I was very impressed!  The only difficult part was deciding on which of the intricate designs to choose.

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