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Raw Lemon Berry ‘Cheesecake’

I have eaten my fair share of vegan cheesecake at restaurants and made by a wonderful friend who has trained as a raw vegan chef, but only recently attempted to make my own.  Why it has taken me so long to make an attempt, I have no idea, but I’m so glad that I did!


After a massive Google search for recipes, I came across a fabulous blog called Sweetly Raw that is filled with stacks of recipes for raw cheesecake and other desserts in any variety you can think of. I had great success following her recipe for raw chocolate cheesecake and wanted to try another variety, so loosely followed her recipe for a lemon berry swirl cheesecake, but tweaked it a little to give it a chocolate crust.

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Asian style cucumber and tomato salad

I have just arrived home from visiting family and friends in Melbourne, and while I had such a fantastic time, it really is good to be home. One of my favourite things about Melbourne is the fabulous food I get to eat while down there, and sharing meals with people I haven’t seen in a while. Luckily, my family are foodies too, so I get taken to the BEST places all across the city.

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Coffee Adventures – Giri Kana, Southport

Although recent months have been crazy busy with study and prepping for our final exams, we have still had the chance to get out and about for the occasional study break and finally got the chance to try a local vegetarian cafe that has been on our list for ages.  A girl has to eat, and as you can see from the pic below, taking a study break to eat made me super happy!

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Roast Beet, Carrot and Orange Salad

Though the weather is warming up a little and signs of summer are starting to break through, the evenings are still cool and perfect for a meal involving roasted veggies.

The combination of the crisp roasted carrots and beets with the citrus punch in this salad works well as an accompaniment to almost any main, and also stands alone as a delicious meal, particularly with a bit of added goats cheese and a crusty bread.

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Monday Munchies – Vegan Mother’s Day Brunch

I know this post is a little delayed since Mother’s day was around a month ago, but I thought it would be fun to share the brunch we made for Mum this year.

As Mum has recently switched from vegetarian to (mostly) vegan, coming up with a tasty brunch menu was a challenge at first – as I had to move away from the idea of eggs and dairy, while trying to stay away from too much bread and pastries.

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Monday Munchies – Banana Pancakes

How good does it feel when you discover a recipe that is not only delicious, but also super healthy? If you aren’t familiar with the feeling then you need to get over to My New Roots and start browsing Sarah’s recipe collection.

Without fail, every time I am searching for a guilt free treat, I can find what I am after on My New Roots.  These banana pancakes are both vegan and gluten free and full of healthy protein and fats from nuts. I altered the original recipe to suit what I had in my pantry, substituting the walnuts for a combination of brazil nuts and pecans.  The first time I made these I didn’t have any nut milk on hand, and was feeling a little lazy so I used regular milk with great results, but I felt so much better the second time when I made the effort to make them with nut milk so that they were vegan.

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