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Why I’m Not a Food Blogger

Most food bloggers take immaculate photos of their ingredients, and pick up their camera throughout the entire cooking process, before precisely styling the final product to get the perfect shot. I have so much admiration for bloggers (e.g. tartelette and bakerella...

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Cruising Around Town

Lucky me… I have the most fantastic boyfriend in the world! Look at those sunnies!  and that amazing moustache!! While I was at work last week, the boy put together my bike (after a few gentle hints). Didn’t get the chance to take it for a ride that night as we were...

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Yotam’s Root Vegetable Slaw

Yotam Ottolenghi is such an inspiring chef and in my eyes her really can do no wrong. His new cookbook, Jerusalem, is a work of art, full of stories of his home city (which is very topical in the current political climate) and stunning recipes. Though it has sections...

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Weekends In West End

We spend so much time in West End that it would really make more sense to live there.  I just can’t wait until the bridge (and my bike) is finished and we can go on leisurely weekend rides and enjoy the perfect weather and the scenery and continue ‘treasure hunting’...

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I can’t walk past a playground without jumping on a swing and swinging as high as is humanly possible. Of course, for me, that isn’t very high, but I have fun all the same! This time Kris took some photos and put them together as a little video… Sorry for the lack of...

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Chocolate Puddle Cookies

Procrastinating from study last week, I knew the perfect thing to waste some time and still be satisfying would be to bake some cookies.  I had bookmarked this recipe on one of my favourite cooking blogs, 101cookbooks, after seeing it recreated by Natashia from Food...

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Decisions Decisions

I have been lusting after some Jeffrey Campbell shoes online. If I can’t find anything in Melbourne I will definitely be putting in an order… but can’t decide which I want. Definitely need something in black In love with these… but nude or grey? Would love to check...

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100 Years

After spending some time with my Nana Rose over the weekend, it really is hard to believe that she has been alive since 1910. She still has a wicked sense of humour, a love of baileys and a brutal honesty that never fails to make me smile. It was amazing to get to...

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Wonderful Walls

Ever since I snapped this pic of a paste-up in Fish Lane, I have been intrigued by this style of street art around Brisbane. On Saturday while heading to the West End markets, by chance I parked right next to another awesome piece, obviously by the same artist. After...

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Two veggos in Europe: Madrid

While we didn’t discover any great veggo places in Madrid there still is a local treat that you must try… Chocolate churros. Although there are many places that you can eat churros for breakfast, we chose to have them for dessert. If you have never heard of them,...

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European Trains

A few words of advice: do not rely on regional trains to be on time, or to even show up, particularly those leaving Barcelona. If a regional train is the first leg of your journey, we would recommend not to plan to take the last train of the evening onward to your...

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Two Veggos in Europe: Portugese Pastries

My boy and I have been travelling Europe for the past 3 weeks, and while it has been a bit of a struggle being vegetarian we have eaten some fabulous food! The first stop was Lisbon, Portugal and although it really wasn’t veg-friendly we found a great little veggo...

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About Me

I'm Jasmine,
a sometimes food-blogger and doctor-in-training, endeavouring to balance the chaos of life as a medical student with my love for photography and creativity. 

I work with inspired young women to design websites that are as fabulous as the content they create, helping them to build their dream blog and have a little corner of the web to call home.

When I'm not gallivanting about the hospital, you will usually find me with camera in hand, in the kitchen cooking vegetarian creations, getting sun kissed and salty at the beach or trying out the newest coffee shop near my Gold Coast home.

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