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I’m Jasmine, a sometimes food-blogger and doctor-in-training, endeavouring to balance the chaos of life as a medical student with my love for photography and creativity.

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I work with inspired young women to design websites that are as fabulous as the content they create, helping them to build their dream blog and have a little corner of the web to call home.

This blog is for ladies who are seeking an outlet from their busy day, who are looking for ideas for a healthy vegetarian meal, who are keen to discover new DIY projects or places to adventure around the sunny Gold Coast.

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When I’m not gallivanting around the hospital I tend to have my nose stuck in a textbook, but also find some time to take a dip in the ocean and get ‘salty and sun-kissed’ skin, practice yoga and meditation, browse the farmers markets for fresh produce and get busy in the kitchen, and most importantly to drink good coffee (there is ALWAYS time for coffee!)

Currumbin rock in the sunshine

I love to hear from you so if you want to work together to create your ‘dream blog’, see my FAQs or please get in touch by email.


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11 thoughts on “About

  1. Denay

    Just wondering what your favorite fruits are to bake with, I find that berries are best, but sometimes they can get a bit mushy in quick breads and muffins. How do you address that?

  2. Susanne


    I am a norwegian girl of 23, who read your comment on I am planning on Australia in january, and was just wondering if you know how the housing market and labor are in Sydney theese days? And also, what places do you recommend to visit?

    I hope to hear from you!
    Nice blog by the way:)


  3. Miann Scanlan


    I see you came to Black Milk on Sunday! Sorry we didn’t get to officially meet, though thanks so much for posting a review.

    Are you able to send me any more photos you took of the event? If they are distributed, you will have full accreditation for the photographs. We’d love to pop them up on the Jesselle blog, or even my personal blog Fashion Falsehood.

    If you’d like, please email me at [email protected]


  4. kiwidutch

    Hi there, I found you via your comment on Tiny Island’s Blog and you sounded interesting so I’ve popped over for a look.
    I’m another creative, foodie, travel, photograph obsessive and like you I write as a journal, for fun and as a release valve to balance a job that is all about accuracy and very little about creativity.
    I love Oz but most of my visits have been fleeting for one reason or another and Himself and I wow that a longer trip IS on the cards when the kids are a little older.
    I like your style of writing, food experiments and photos, and will be back!!! Nice to find a kindred spirit, Thanks! :)

  5. Janmejay Somvanshi

    that all are much pretty mam,

    I’m a food lover, and always try to make a wonderful taste, many times I can able to make a good north Indian taste….

    can u please tell me something about ‘Baking’, or ‘baking cakes’. and preparation of eggless cake also.

    It will be great if u can tell me that how I can make a baking cake by simple microwave..

    your fan

    Dr. Janmejay Singh Somvanshi
    India (Uttar Pradesh)

  6. One Change At A Time

    Great blog you’ve got here… I am a vegetarian and came across your post on Vegetarian Sushi and Inari. I love love love Japanese food! I am lucky enough to have a vegan Japanese restaurant in the San Francisco Bay Area where I live. However, I have also prepared vegetarian sushi and miso soup at home.

    Thanks for sharing the post. Keep writing and sharing more cool stuff with us all.


    1. jazziefizzle

      Thanks K, I would love it if we had a vegan japanese place near us! Such fabulous food (but sometimes can be a bit hard to get much veggo). Yum, I really should try doing miso at home as I love it when I go out for Japanese!

      Thanks for the lovely comment!

  7. genevieve

    Oh, I’m so so happy that Style Milk shared a linke to your Finders Keepers post because now I’ve discovered your blog and I love love love it!

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