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Cruising Around Town

by | Oct 10, 2021 | Coffee, Travel | 0 comments

Lucky me… I have the most fantastic boyfriend in the world!

Look at those sunnies!  and that amazing moustache!!

While I was at work last week, the boy put together my bike (after a few gentle hints). Didn’t get the chance to take it for a ride that night as we were out taking photos at sunset and then I whipped up a veggo thai red curry as a thank you to the boys for their help.

With the perfect weather I just wanted to chuck a sickie and cruise around town – but of course I went to work, then to the gym, before I got the chance to test-ride my new baby.  We started off with a ride to West End, nice and easy, across the bridge and along the river.

As I started riding I couldn’t believe how hard it was… and was thinking that I would never want to ride around at all.  I mentioned to Kris that something didn’t feel right with the wheels, so we waited to get over the bridge and way off the main road so he could give it a test ride.  As soon as he jumped on and started riding I could immediately see the problem… the tyres were completely flat!

The boys forgot to mention that I should pump the tyres before I went for a ride (and of course I didn’t think of it myself), and since there aren’t any servos in West End, I half-rode, half-walked my bike back to the air pump at Shell – and wow, what a difference!  I love riding my bike now that it doesn’t feel like I’m stuck in mud!

Anyway – here are some pics Kris took the other day when we went for a ride into the city.

My bike is actually more of a pale yellow than it looks in photos – such a perfect colour!  Please ignore the ugly helmet – it was the prettiest one I could find (but makes me want to do bmx tricks haha).


Lee Jeans

Peter Alexander top (yes it is pyjamas but i think it’s way too cute for bed)

H&M jacket

ABD helmet


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