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Why I’m Not a Food Blogger

by | Oct 19, 2021 | Food | 0 comments

Most food bloggers take immaculate photos of their ingredients, and pick up their camera throughout the entire cooking process, before precisely styling the final product to get the perfect shot.

I have so much admiration for bloggers (e.g. tartelette and bakerella and handle the heat) who show off their cooking with such amazing styling and photography.

In contrast, when I cook the kitchen is a disaster zone.   Needless to say, my camera stays far away from my grubby hands a majority of the time, except when I set out to take some photos – and then the whole process just takes far too long for a standard week-night dinner.

I hope that explains why this post is very light on images. Also, my lovely boyfriend barely let me snap these photos before he gobbled these right up!

I cooked a veggo frittata for dinner last night and there was a bit of shortcrust pastry left over. Instantly I knew I was going to have to rustle up some kind of dessert.

Dessert usually takes planning – I don’t keep things like cream, custard or ice cream on hand (because it would be way too easy to indulge nightly). I looked around the kitchen, saw the ripe bananas and knew it would have to be a spin on my banana, date and oat cookies (which are literally bananas, cut up dates and oats mixed together and put into the oven).

I had a bunch of macadamia nuts sitting in the pantry so threw those in the food processor, along with some walnuts and the dates, and then mashed the bananas in by hand.

I placed a small amount of the mixture into the center of the pastry pieces and folded them up. I think they look like sweet little won-tons. They tasted so delicious that I barely got a chance to snap a single photo.

Oats were added to the remaining mixture to yield some healthy treats… if only we didn’t eat the whole batch in one go!


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